F1rst Motors caters Exclusive Cars to all kinds of clients, whether it be a car collector or a casual user. First motors sources the most highly specced cars for competitive prices, with our networks reaching beyond.

Located in the Heart of Dubai on the centre of Sheikh Zayed Road, we are well placed to meet demands of both business and residential users, whether it be tourists looking for something different or locals searching for excitement.

Dubai is all about being the biggest and the best in all aspects always being the centre of innovation and competition.
That’s why we believe First Motors should have been established, starting from a passion for cars, this concept arose to meet growing demand.

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To gain the world-wide acceptance as one of the best for providing the best deals on brand new/pre-owned, luxury and super cars, by ensuring consistency in affordable pricing, high quality service, and customer satisfaction.


F1RST MOTORS brings sincerity and originality to all customers by providing them with the most exotic and luxury cars available on the market.