Gordon Murray’s Unborn T.50 Sports Car Set to Get Cheaper T.33 Sibling

9th October 2021

The father of the original McLaren F1 has a new car company, and it’s growing. The new T.50 supercar coming from Gordon Murray Automotive, the automaker spearheaded by the designer of the same name who backed the original McLaren F1 supercar, will spawn a cheaper, smaller, and less powerful variant. Referred to as “Project Two,” as reported by topspeed.com via Evo, the T.50’s sibling likely will be named “T.33,” based on a recent trademark filing. The T.50 is pictured here, but imagine it smaller …

Apparently, Gordon Murray Automotive is already selling T.33s—at least, the promise of T.33s—to customers willing to grab a reservation for one. While the T.33 is going to be less expensive than the T.50, it will be rare: Apparently, production may be limited to around 100 units.

We’re told the T.33 uses the same architecture as the T.50, along with a detuned version of its naturally aspirated 3.9-liter V-12 engine. To keep the price in check, Gordon Murray Automotive is said to be chucking the T.50’s mild-hybrid electric assist, along with one of its seats (dropping the T.33 to a two-seater) and the underbody fan setup (linked to the hybrid system) that literally sucks the car to the pavement for better grip.

Given how the T.55 isn’t quite out yet, expect to wait at least a year or two for the T.33 to reach customers—say, by 2023.

Source : Motor Trend