AED 1,099,000

2018 Mercedes Benz S650 Maybach Cabriolet | 1 of 300 Only Made (FM-FC-1018)

Inventory Features

Brands :
Model :
S 650, S650,
kilometre :
7,800 Km
Price :
AED 1,099,000

Mercedes Benz S650 Maybach Cabriolet

Design-wise, the Mercedes-Maybach S650 is obviously based on the latest S-Class convertible, featuring the same elegant but muscular lines. However, while the four-door Maybach bears a close resemblance to the standard S-Class, the S650 convertible is actually more similar to the range-topping Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupe. Up front, the luxury convertible sports the AMG-type grille, while the bumper section is heavily based on that of the AMG S65 model. There’s a similar, trapezoidal center section and large side intakes, as well as thick chrome trim. However, the Maybach wears a few cues of its own in this area. For instance, while on the AMG model there is no grille atop the trapezoidal section, the Maybach has a continuous, two-tier grille that stretches from one side of the bumper to the other. Also, the side intakes are larger and feature significantly more chrome. The front fascia is rounded off by Swarovski headlamps, which are optional on the AMG models, but standard on the Maybach.

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