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Brands :
Model :
Price :
AED 3,299,000
Body Type :
Transmission :
8 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission
Condition :
Perfect inside & out
Doors :
Engine Type :
4.0L V8 Twin-Turbocharged Engine + eMotor
Power :
986 Horsepower comb
Torque :
800 N.M
0 to 100 KM/H :
2.5 s
Top Speed :
340 KM/H
Specification :
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As the Prancing Horse’s first production plug-in hybrid spider, the SF90 Spider sets new performance and innovation benchmarks not only for the marque’s range, but for the entire sports car sector. The new convertible has the same extreme supercar specification and record-breaking performance as the SF90 Stradale yet also adds further driving pleasure and versatility to the mix, thanks to the latest iteration of Ferrari’s signature Retractable Hard Top architecture. This makes the SF90 Spider the ideal car for owners that demand the very pinnacle of Ferrari technology, but still want the thrill and versatility of open-top driving.

Thanks to a massive 780 cv (and 195 cv/l specific power output), the SF90 Spider’s engine is at the very top of Ferrari’s V8 range. To deliver this extraordinary result, Ferrari’s engineers completely redesigned the intake and exhaust systems. The ducts are now all horizontally lined up at engine head height, the turbo charger assembly has been lowered, and the exhaust line is higher in the new configuration. This rationalisation also produced both a lower centre of gravity and a reduction in overall weight thanks to the use of Inconel for the exhaust manifold.

In the SF90 Spider, the traditional Manettino is flanked by an additional selector, dubbed the eManettino, which manages the power flows from and to the hybrid system. It offers the driver a choice of four modes:

eDrive : the internal combustion engine remains off and traction is entrusted entirely to the electric front axle. The car can cover up to 25 km in this mode;

Hybrid : the control logic autonomously decides whether to keep the internal combustion engine running or turn it off. Power flow from the electric motors is limited to conserve battery power;

Performance : this mode keeps the ICE running because the priority is more on charging the battery than on efficiency. This guarantees that power is instantly and fully available when required;

Qualify : this mode allows the system to unleash all of the car’s 1,000 cv by letting the electric motors work at their maximum potential (162kW).

The SF90 Spider has plug-in hybrid architecture in which the internal combustion engine is integrated with two electric motors at the front, which comprise the RAC-e (Cornering Angle Regulator, Electric) system, and one at the rear derived from and named after a Prancing Horse Formula 1 innovation, the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic). The synergy between the internal combustion engine and the electric motors unleashes a maximum of 1,000 cv and puts the SF90 Spider not only at the very top of its category but also the Maranello range.

Dynamics :

The existing dynamic control system has been further enhanced. Now referred to as the electronic Side Slip Control (eSSC) system, it verifies the car’s dynamic status in real time. Based on that information, it controls vehicle stability by delivering torque independently via the front electric engines to the inside and outside wheel (Torque Vectoring), significantly improving traction coming out of corners and making it much simpler and more intuitive to drive on the limit with confidence.

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