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Mercedes-AMG ONE Revealed As Most Advanced Hypercar Ever

2nd June 2022

Finally, the F1 car for the road is ready to roll!

After what seems like a lifetime, the Mercedes AMG ONE is finally ready to make its full public debut in production form. The ONE has been pushed back several times because even the experts at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth struggled to make an F1 powertrain work in a car. It’s not as simple as bolting a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 into a mid-engined position. The parameters for track and road use are vastly different, as an F1 car idles at 5,000 rpm – a point far too high for a road-going car needing to comply with emissions regulations. But after nearly five years, the production version of the AMG ONE has been realized as AMG’s engineers have fixed all the issues in time to celebrate the performance division’s 55th anniversary and prove that even a drunken decision can be a good one. The result is a two-seater mid-engined supercar with a real F1 V6 engine, four electric motors, and more than 1,000 horsepower, plus an 11,000 rpm redline.   Mercedes-AMG ONE hyper car dubai first motors car dealership br> The ONE is a plug-in hybrid unlike any we’ve seen before. We wondered how far Mercedes would take the F1 connotation and the short answer is all the way. The headline figure is a combined 1,048.7 horsepower (SAE) with the aid of four electric motors augmenting the F1-derived V6 paired to an entirely new seven-speed automated manual transmission – developed exclusively for the AMG ONE – and electric all-wheel drive. That 1.6-liter turbocharged six-cylinder only produces 566 of those ponies, though, arriving at a heady 9,000 rpm. Thereafter, an MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic) electric motor on the crankshaft adds 160.9 hp, while a 90 kW (120.7 hp) motor (MGU-H) spools up the single turbocharger to 100,000 rpm before the exhaust gasses take over. Finally, two electric motors on the front axle produce 321.8 hp, creating an AWD hypercar of extremes. 0 to 62 mph comes up in 2.9 seconds, 0-124 mph in seven flat, and 0-186 in 15.6 before a top speed of 218.7 mph is reached. Mercedes-AMG ONE hyper car dubai first motors car dealership In a little more detail, the car’s heart is a 1.6-liter V6 engine with electrically assisted single-turbocharging boosting at 3.5 bar. That on its own is not new tech as Mercedes has already showcased the turbo tech in the AMG SL 43. But that’s the most normal thing about this powertrain. The V6 has two fuel injection systems. Direct injection sprays fuel into the combustion chamber at nearly 4,000 psi. The additional port injection is needed to achieve the high specific power of the engine and, at the same time comply with the exhaust emission limits. To further ensure it passes emissions legislation, the ONE has four preheated catalytic converters, two ceramic catalytic converters, and two petrol particulate filters. To preheat everything, Mercedes uses four heating elements that use 16 kW of power. The result is compliance with all the exhaust emission limits under natural driving conditions. Mercedes-AMG ONE hyper car dubai first motors car dealership   The interior has room for two, in a design theme touted by AMG as “no styling.” It’s function over form in the purest sense. The main focal point is the F1 steering wheel; square in shape and with an LED shift display on the upper edge. Like the real deal, it operates the various driving modes via the integrated AMG drive unit and even has DRS and push-to-pass buttons for extra power and speed. Not skimping on legalities, it has a built-in airbag. The seats are fixed buckets molded into the monocoque with Magma Grey Nappa leather and black Dinamica (microsuede) padding accented by yellow contrast stitching. Other colors are available. While the seats are fixed, the steering column is power-adjustable and the pedals have 11 settings to find the ideal driving position.   Mercedes-AMG ONE hyper car dubai first motors car dealership Mercedes-AMG ONE hyper car dubai first motors car dealership   Mercedes-AMG stripped the ONE of all frivolities, even removing the rearview mirror and replacing it with a camera feeding a small roof-mounted display screen. As for the other two screens in the cabin, a main 10-inch screen handles typical infotainment duties and is angled towards the driver, while a Burmester sound system provides some aural distraction from a wailing F1 engine should you decide you don’t like that sound. Mercedes gives you two mini USB ports for external audio devices. The slim wing profile beneath the 10-inch instrument display is a structural component, as it stiffens the car’s monocoque. Even the door cards have been simplified for basic carbon fiber panels, while a simple rectangular metal panel houses window switches and air conditioning vents. Originally priced at $2.8 million, only 275 will be made. Whether that price has since changed is unknown.
  Source : Car Buzz