28th September 2022


Just one SP51 will be bespoke-made for a client in Taiwan who also happens to be one of the leading Ferrari collectors worldwide.

Based on the architecture of the 812 GTS, the SP51 is a front-engine, V12 spider designed by the Flavio Manzoni-led Ferrari Styling Centre. 


The aerodynamics required meticulous honing, in a process involving driving simulations and wind tunnel testing to ensure the SP51 has not just the ultimate in comfort in the cabin, but also the same standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel as the car that inspired it. 

Stylistically there are brand new headlights, model specific wheels and two buttresses at the rear, with taillights sitting inset below the spoiler. 

The blue and white livery is also very special – inspired by the legendary 1955 Ferrari 410 S, it runs the full length of the car and compliments the ‘Rosso Passionale’ three-layer paintwork developed specifically for the SP51.

The wheels are certainly a talking point, each of the spokes have carbon fibre wing profiles and a tone-on-tone, diamond cut finish. In fact, carbon fibre features extensively on the inside and outside of the car, allowing weight to be kept to a minimum.


Stretched between the two flying buttresses and two carbon fibre scoops is a dramatic-looking transverse carbon fibre wing, giving the roadster a ‘Targa’ style.   

It’s inside the car where arguably the most impressive elements to this one-off design are found however. Developed closely in tandem with the client, the colour scheme from the exterior is brought back in touches of white and blue stripes on the central tunnel, seats and steering wheel, while there are several sections of carbon fibre and an embroidered Prancing Horse in white on the wheel’s lower rim. 
 The SP51 takes the spirit of Maranello’s first V12 front-engined, drop-top sports car in 50 years and aims to provide a spectacular open-air driving experience. 


The styling is intended to be both powerful-looking and sleek, with smooth surfaces and design touches including using exposed carbon fibre and a trim on the bonnet that dynamically frames the two air vents.   

As the latest bespoke vehicle to emerge from Maranello’s Special Projects team, the SP51 represents the absolute pinnacle of Ferrari’s customisation scope and range. It will certainly make one owner in Taiwan a very happy man indeed…